Case Study

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ONCOR is a massive electricity transmission and distribution company and the sixth largest in the Country, with a vision of the potential of a smarter grid and LED lighting to help ease demand. Robert S. Shapard, as chairman and chief executive officer of Oncor, oversees his company's 14,000 miles of transmission and 120,000 miles of distribution lines serving 3.2 million end points. Earlier this year, he was elected chairman of the Gridwise Alliance, an organization promoting smart grid.

Fixture Replacement LED
ISG sClass LED Light

To partner its efforts in the the green and renewable Energy space Oncor has been conducting extensive LED light evaluations and testing. Early 2010 Oncor selected the local Dallas based LED lighting company ISG Illumination Systems to roll out its first wind powered grid combined with LED lighting the entire McKinney Service Parking area.

Fixture Replacement LED
Oncor Office Building

Stan Smart Oncor's construction project manager was very pleased with the LED lights that ISG provided, he stated "LEDs use less energy, provide more light and don't attract all the bugs we get in the summer months. I am pleased with the results of the installation."

Oncor is committed to conserving energy and reducing their carbon foot print like all good corporate neighbors should be doing, Europe is a lot more aggressive towards carbon output leveying large fines for company's that pollute without attempting reduce their carbon footprint.

Fixture Replacement LED
Oncor Office Parking Area

It will not be long before such an approach will be considered by the United States so the time to switch to renewable energy and energy saving technology like LEDs is right now.