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Utilizing an LED light solution, you save in the following ways.
Total Energy Savings/year 0 kWh
Total Cost of Current Lighting Technology $0 Cost per year today
During a 10 year period the existing light solutions costs to replace

(LED light bulbs are designed to last more than 10 years)

$0 Over 10 year replacement
An LED replacement Solution would consume this amount of watts 0 kWh
The Annual Cost for an LED solution is $0 Total energy cost per year
Your Annual Savings for an LED solution is $0 Amount saved
Over the Lifetime of the LED light source 10 Years This is amount of money you will have saved $0 Lifetime savings
Note: None of these savings take into account your tax incentives and government incentives for renewable energy product purchases, remember to keep a record your eligible for business and income tax relief for making green purchases.