Total Cost of Ownership Model

Like the earlier stages of the computer industry, LED technology based lighting represents a “transformational" technology.  It’s quantum impact on the quality of light, the environment, the increased life-span of the illumination products, and the energy and cost savings generated, make it much more than a  “next generation version” of the current high intensity discharge (HID) lighting technologies including high pressure sodium and metal halide. In recognition of this fact, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Oncor Electric Delivery (Oncor - Texas based energy provider) had concluded that decisions to convert from current lighting technologies to LED should include a “Total Cost Of Ownership” (TCO) financial analysis.  Through ISG Illumination Systems work with Oncor and other marque Fortune 500 clients, we have enhanced this model to extend and “field validate” all tangible and quantifiable benefits.  The results have produced a comprehensive tool that can dramatically demonstrate the positive financial case for LED Light projects.

ISG Illumination Systems consultants and engineers will first work with your staff to execute our proven engagement process methodology.   This process will accurately capture the requirements and profile of your unique environment.  Applying this information to the TCO model we can quickly develop a proposal that demonstrates a detailed cost benefits analysis.  Since the model allows for quick adjustment to the variable components, our clients can also perform quick “what if” scenarios to evaluate multiple financial analysis cases…  Armed  with “best case” / “worse case” projections, our clients can make informed decisions and aggressively move forward and start realizing the many benefits of ISG Illuminations Systems lighting solutions.

How we calculate the savings from LED selection