The LED Advantage

The advantages of LED Lighting over existing HID lighting technologies will change the way we see and use light.

  • Reduced energy consumption with an 8 fold improvement over incandescent lighting
  • Reduced maintenance costs up to 95%
  • LEDs can be dimmed and provide more signficant energy savings
  • Last up to 5 times longer than conventional lighting products
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful gases and “Dark Sky” compliant
  • The illumination quality of LED light promotes an atmosphere of safety and security
  • Increased worker productivity in environment specific applications.
  • LED technology makes an Ideal companion to solar energy products for 100% savings



Why ISG Illumination Systems

LED technologyISG-Illumination Systems is a world-wide provider of energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly intelligent lighting solutions… Our products feature the most advanced and leading edge LED technology in the Industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with the very best in lighting design, product offerings, and customer service. Clients implementing our solutions can expect to save 70% or more on lighting energy costs and up to a 95% reduction in lighting maintenance costs over traditional lighting technologies. ISG-Illumination specializes in Street and Area Lighting, but we also have a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor LED offerings, including intelligent LED products designed to increase energy efficiency while delivering other tangible benefits like increased security, improved light management and extended overall service life.


Featured Informational Video

DOE Video

LED Street & Area Lighting Considerations

Cities and businesses around the Globe are installing LED lighting technology.  The future of lighting using the energy saving features of LED technology is assured.


If you're wondering if LED Lighting solutions are the right  fit for your lighting needs, ISG Illumination Systems is here as an information source for all you need to know about LED technology and lighting solutions. 

Take a quick look at this short video provided by the DOE... One of many we'll feature from various sources on a monthly basis.

Video Source : Department of Energy 2010