The ISG-IS LED Advantage

The advantages of ISG-IS LED Lighting over existing HID lighting technologies will change the way we see and use light.

Before LED Lights
BEFORE: High Pressure Sodium Lights

After LED Lights
AFTER: LED Lighting Solution

  • Reduced energy consumption with an 8 fold improvement over incandescent lighting..
  • Lasts up to 5 times longer than conventional lighting.
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful gases and “dark sky” compliant.
  • The illumination quality of LED light promotes an atmosphere of safety and security.


  • Provides savings of up to 75%-85% in energy consumption.
  • Requires measurably less in maintenance, allowing in excess of 75,000 hours of operation.
  • With intelligent diming, provides additional energy savings and extends the products useful life.
  • Provides a longer life span than High Pressure Sodium Lamps or other conventional lighting technologies.
  • Increased worker productivity of 15 minutes or more in an 8 hour work day in environment specific applications.


  • Integrated intelligences allows the light to distinguish humans or other objects of interest and dim or increase the illumination of a desired area.
  • Promotes an atmosphere of safety and security as a result of the illumination and quality of the light emitted.
  • Integrated intelligence to communicate the lights status through remote communications, allowing for timely replacement, or earlier warning of possible malfunction.

The Environment

  • The technology is environmentally friendly and emits no harmful gases such as carbon dioxide.
  • Can provide a measureable contribution to your company’s “sustainability” initiatives.
  • Provides the capability to direct the light source, preventing unwanted light from intruding outside its intended boundaries.

LED Light Bulb Comparison...  More light with less energy!

The illustration below shows very clearly how the various technologies compare, the results are more light with even less energy. Use the ISG calculator to work out how much money you will have by upgrading to LED technology. You will notice its a significant amount of money especially when you look at the LED calculator with multiple luminaires. So it makes sense for the business or the home to make the conversion as soon as possible.

Traditional and LED Light Bulb Comparison