ISG- Illumination Systems

Formed in 2005 and incorporated in 2007 as a Dallas, Texas based company, ISG Illumination Systems (IGS-IS), was a “first mover” in recognizing the commercial readiness of LED Solid State Lighting technology and its potential impact in improving energy efficiencies, overall quality, and product longevity, while reducing operational costs and eliminating the negative environmental effects inherent in most existing lighting products. ISG-IS maintains “first mover” status today as we begin delivering our proprietary LED lighting technology solutions world-wide.

We’ve worked extensively with respected Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments and Oncor Electric (Texas’s largest Utility Company), to successfully evaluate, pilot and perfect not only our technology, but the financial justification considerations unique to this exciting and transformational technology. As a result, ISG-IS has developed an exclusive “Total Cost of Ownership” model to facilitate a comprehensive and consultative approach to evaluating and justifying LED Lighting solutions.

The viability and performance of our products have been proven through evaluations across a marque group of Commercial and State and Local Government clients since September of 2007. Our experienced team of lighting consultants, engineers and designers are among the best in the industry and are committed to delivering the optimum solution to fit each clients unique lighting needs.