Our Process

Our approach to each client engagement includes a comprehensive and
proven five step process that first helps ensure we accurately capture
and validate our client’s unique illumination requirements and 
then guides the design and implementation of a LED lighting 
solution that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Step 1: Project Initialization

  • Executive sponsor introduction & communication of objectives.
  • ISG-IS introductions and qualifications.
  • Overview of LED Lighting, value proposition, applications, and impact
  • Confirmation of project Scope & key participants – Executive Sponsor/s, ISG-IS Executive Lighting Consultant, ISG-IS & Client Project Managers, ISG Light Engineers/s, Admin., etc.

Step 2: Requirements & Analysis

  • Requirements gathering - detailed review of existing site plans and current installed light product inventory, and special requirements (pre-site visit requirements & analysis).
  • On-site walk-thru – validation of special requirements, detailed inventory and assessment of existing lighting (light measurements & visual observations), & interviews with on-site staff.
  • Analysis of current vs. future light design considerations.
Putting the Pieces Together
Proposed LED Lighting Solution

Step 3: Proposed LED Lighting Solution

  • General recommendations and expect benefits.
  • Detailed analysis of current environment and deficiencies.
  • Proposed ISG-IS LED Lighting Solution, cost/savings/benefits, and implementation plan.
  • Special considerations – environmental impact, tax credits, energy rebates, DOE grants, etc.
  • Recommended next steps & Client Approval/Sign-off.
Project Approved and Order Placed 

Step 4: Project Implementation

  • Project plan validation (deliver-installation-inspection).
  • Site requirements and preparation.
  • File for special programs and support  (Gov. Grants, State & Local energy credits/rebates, etc.).
  • On-going installation and continuous monitoring and performance evaluation.
  • On-going progress reporting select on-site demonstrations.
  • Client approval & sign-off  of phases and project completion.

Step 5: Post project Review

  • Confirmation of deliverables (Installed and performing as proposed).
  • Review of project objectives against reviews.
  • Client feedback (process, products, performance, and recommended improvements).
  • Include installation in ISG-IS’s “Reference Site” program.

Project Successfully Completed!